Wednesday, April 11, 2012


2011 Directed by Joseph Kahn
The movie, Detention, is basically a mystery. Well, a mystery that’s kind of confusing that is. Although it has a mystery plot where high school students are being murdered, and the suspect is unknown, do not expect logic in figuring out the plot. However, this does add a sense of unpredictability that’s pretty refreshing. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t call it refreshing if you weren’t born in the 90’s to understand the references that were going on. Here are some absurd incidences or spoilers to expect.
  1. Time Traveling
  2. Cinderella Movie references
  3. Paranormal activity
  4. Quantum Grizzly Bear
  5. A minor boob scene
  6. Dude from Hunger Games
  7. Film within film
My husband seems to enjoy this way more than I do, so I would say, this movie is not for everybody. It has a very old school horror film feel.